ATM Cleaning Wipes – 70% Isopropyl Alcohol


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ATM Cleaning Wipes,  70% Isopropyl Alcohol – 50 (5″x6″) Wipes per Box

Proper cleaning of the ATM is effective against the spread of coronaviruses.

Touch Screen
The touch screen of certain ATMs have an Anti-Glare film and the touch screen with the film should follow the manufacturer’s disinfection instructions. It is recommended using less than 70% isopropyl alcohol to disinfectant. If you use a dilution of more than 70% isopropyl alcohol, the anti-glare function on the screen will be impaired.

Keypad and Function Button
Gently wipe the keypad and function buttons with a clean cloth or towel moistened with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Also, the ATM surface is acceptable to be wiped with a dilution of less than 70% isopropyl alcohol. Do not use chlorine bleach on ATM. Do not spray the keypad directly. Always use a pre-moistened cloth.

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