Bancsource is a master VAR for Nautilus Hyosung. NHA is dedicated to making technology work for the humans who use it with solutions that simply work better and more intuitively. Every ATM product is engineered to be reliable and flexible bringing innovation to banking.

7600 XL series

  • Improves overall uptime and service
  • Consistent innovative design across models
  • Compact size for TA and DA5
  • Cassette Support on Lobby and Island
  • Comes Standard with Windows 7
  • Full Support for Windows 10
  • CCIM2.0 Reliable device from Field, over 5000 installations in the field
  • Battery back up protects last transaction


The ideal choice for handling high-volume transactions with he capacity too hold up to 12,000 notes. It also offers the newest technology that accepts bundle-note or bundle-check deposits.

  • Deposit Automation Available
  • 15″ Touchscreen Color LC Display
  • Walk-Up, through-The-Wall


Offers the latest deposit automation technology with a unique user adjusted tilting display. This innovation, coupled with state of the art technology options for deposit processing, maximized capacities for dispensing, and clean, compact user interface make the 7600DAXL the market leader for full function drive up performance.

  • Deposit Automation Available
  • 15″ Tilting Touchscreen
  • Drive-up
  • Up to 12,000 note capacity


Advanced multi-functional free-standing island, drive-up ATM designed to provide maximum reliability, security, and convenience. Proven deposit automation technology is provided from in-house designed and manufactured envelope-free deposit modules. The 7600iXL provides continual deposit and cash service to customers with industry-leading uptime rates.

  • Deposit Automation Available
  • 15″ Tilting Touchscreen
  • Free Standing Drive-up
  • Up to 12,000 note capacity


Superior features and reliable performance with various functions including cash withdrawal, card retraction, receipt printing and dot-matrix journal printing or electronic journal. Superior Cash Dispensing Unit reduces transaction tie and minimizes downtime.

  • Maximum reliability
  • Energy saving features
  • Flexibility for easy future upgrades
  • Integrates with any monitoring solution


Designed to meet customer’s demands of withdrawal, balance inquiry and transfer transactions. Compact size to fit in any space.

  • Maximum reliability
  • Energy saving features
  • Flexibility for easy future upgrades
  • Integrates with any monitoring solution


Powerful Performance
A Windows® open platform can handle any application software based on a WOSA/XFS platform. Opt for decreased transaction time, multi-media advertisements, and other advanced services and functions.

Walk-up, drive-up, through-the-wall, and free-standing kiosk-all are available with the Monimax 5100T. It features a small footprint and compact architecture that offers flexible options at an affordable price.

Small Size, Large Display
An optional 10.4″ sunlight-viewable color display is designed to perform clearly-inside or outside.


Innovative Design
This latest advancement in customer convenience features a user-friendly interface displayed on a vivid 15″ screen.

High Capacity
Accommodates up to four 2,000-note cassettes for a maximum storage of 8,000 notes. The dispenser profile can be adjusted to suit your specific needs, making this the ideal solution for high-volume transactions.

Extra Security
Experience peace of mind knowing the 5300’s high-volume of notes can be protected with a Level1 safe option. The unique design also allows you to add an optional camera for added security.

This cutting-edge model offers you a low cost, financial institute grade ATM that is Windows 7 platform based.

TCP/IP with SSL Support
Includes built-in TCP/IP with Secure Socket Layers (SSL)for enhanced security while connected to the Internet.

Its ease of maintenance and simplified service provide maximum availability and uptime with minimal operational intervention