Cash Recycling Solutions

Cash Recycling Solutions Powered by Hyosung, Implemented and Supported by Bancsource


There is a growing demand on financial institutions to provide alternative touch points, new technology, and a better customer experience. This has created an increased burden on FI executives to meet these demands while also looking for ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Modernized branches, with new self-service recycling technology, can help lower costs and increase efficiencies while offering consumers the experience they are looking for.


Cash recycling enables an ATM to use deposited cash for future withdrawals

A single mechanism in the ATM handles all cash in and out transactions, sorting deposited cash by denomination for later use in withdrawals. While a significant impact to cash operations, the only customer experience change, is a different location for deposited cash.


Cash recycling at the ATM provides a financial institution the opportunity to recognize efficiencies in many areas of its

  • Reduces the frequency of cash service events at the ATM, leading directly to an easily quantifiable cost savings
  • Many associated cash processing tasks are also impacted, providing multiple value levers for a bank’s operations
  • Integrating the entire cash cycle allows for a holistic business case associated with the implementation of ATM recycling


Implementing recycling in a holistic way provides benefits in multiple places across the organization.

Primary Value Drivers

Create Immediate
Quantifiable Value

  • Direct CIT Costs
  • Employee Cash  Handling

Secondary Value Drivers

Create Value Due to First-Level Impacts from More Efficient Cash Management

  • CIT Vault Settlement
  • Branch Cash Management
  • Availability

Tertiary Value Drivers

Create Value in Peripheral Operational Areas Due to Cash Efficiency

  • Overall Cash Reconciliation
  • Net Cash Levels
  • Fraud/Theft

Teller Cash Recycling (TCR)

Value Propositions for TCRs

Start of Day

Rather than arriving early to set up drawer it is now as easy as arriving, turning on PC, turning on TCR and servicing first customer.

Commercial Transactions

Large merchant transactions slow down and create long waits. TCRs sort, count, verify and deposit the bills fast!

Vault Buys & Sells

Vaults buys and sells are time consuming, low value activities. TCRs can save up to 80% of time involved given there are no cash drawers, no drawer limits and n dual control for vault sells.

Customer Focus

Cash handling takes anywhere from 20 to 45 seconds manually. Tellers focus on the cash and not the customer interaction. A TCR allows engagement with the customer, no heads down counting.

Cash Inventory Management

In addition to vault buys and sells, the TCR also helps manage the branch’s cash inventory by capturing information about cash usage. Using this information the bank can reduce cash inventory expenses. Cash counts can be done for cash deliveries.

Teller Audit

The TCR can do a self audit overnight to assure compliance standards are met.

End of Day

TCRs remove balancing issues of cash drawers, errors and accuracy issues. Tellers can balance the TCR, sign off and leave.

Invest in Efficiency. Let Us Prove It!

MS-500 — Efficient.
Secure. Compatible.

  • High Capacity Stacking Cassettes
  • 12 note/sec & Continuous Feed
  • External Transit Cassette & Self Audit
  • 12,000 Note Recycling & 14,500 Total Capacity
  • Compact Service footprint
  • Digitally Secure Windows10 Core
  • World Class Bancsource Service

MS-500S — Compact
and Full Function

  • Includes all Advanced Features of the MS500
  • Incredibly Compact Footprint
  • 8,000 Note Recycling & 10,500 Total Capacity
  • External Transit Cassette & Self Audit
  • Digitally Secure Windows10 Core
  • Unified Integration with MS-500 reduces Development time

MS-500 vs. MS-500S Comparison

Transit Cassette — High Compatibility and Low Cash Exposure

  • Securely transfer notes without opening the safe
  • Safely manage inventory in open concept branch formats
  • Transfer Inventory from one TCR to another
  • Simplify CIT Preparation and Replenishments
  • Compatible with other Hyosung devices

MS-500 Self Audit — Quick, Efficient and Low Cash Exposure

  • Quick and Secure
  • Minimize Cash Exposure
  • Audit Anytime
  • Single Denomination Audit

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