“We launched new technology (ITMs) with the assistance of Bancsource and FLEX Credit Union Technology at Kelly Community Federal Credit Union and I have had the pleasure to work both outside and inside teaching members. Every one of them loved what the new ITMs could do for them!” Michelle Small, CEO, Kelly Community Credit Union, Tyler, TX
“The MS 500 is an awesome machine that runs smoothly, fast and efficient. If there was ever a glitch it does show on the screen where the jam is at. We always make sure not to over fill it and clean the machine often on how Gerald (our Bancsource Technician) taught us. My and my staff really enjoy having this machine it’s a time saver and helps us get our customers in and out in a timely manner.” Carrie Dockal - Teller Supervisor and Community Banker, Pioneer Bank, Roswell, NM
“Hyosung TCRs were a large part of transforming our bank to a universal banker model. Moving our tellers from behind the bars of the traditional teller line to a more open lobby concept wouldn’t be possible without TCRs. Hyosung TCRs provide easy access to cash for our customers while providing security for our employees. No longer do our employees need to leave the customer area to transact vault business. They are always ready to take the next customer that comes through the door.” Bryan Radabaugh - VP of Operations, Vinton County National Bank, McArthur, OH
“We had a daunting project to migrate all of our ATMs from one data center to another at the demand of our EFT processor. Not only that, but all of our Hyosungs would require special attention due to file downloads and configuration changes that our processor could not accommodate. We were very unsure of the outcome of this due to a lack of confidence and other horror stories we had heard from other financial institutions. We spoke with John and Chris with ManagedSource about what we needed done, and they had no question that they could do it. The alternative was having a person physically attend to every single Hyosung ATM. We tested what they had done on one of our ATMs, and it seemed to work. The day of the migration, the ManagedSource team accomplished exactly what we needed and made it a very smooth, successful transition for us. I don’t think we could have done it as well as we did without ManagedSource.” Jared Blake, Bank Officer – Operations Happy State Bank, Amarillo, TX
“Managed Source has quickly become money well spent for managing our fleet of Hyosung ATMs. Vista Bank relies on Managed Source for loading custom screens, ATM error identification and solutions, as well as software patching and upgrades. Many times, Managed Source is able to resolve errors remotely without a physical technician on site which saves everyone money. Vista Bank has observed decreases in ATM downtime and increases in customer satisfaction. Based on my positive experiences, I would recommend Managed Source to anyone looking into easier and softer ways to control their ATM fleet. ” Lance Bodine, SVP Facilities/Security, Vista Bank, Lubbock, TX
“Managed Source has been a great product for us. It has definitely made a difference in service level performance and uptime of our ATMs. I would definitely recommend Managed Source to other financial institutions. ” Jodi Love, Director of Card Services, First United Bank, Durant, OK
“You have really been able to help us advance and move this project along with your relationship with Hyosung. I don’t think we would have 7 installed machines and working to install 14 more in the next couple of months had you and Bancsource not come along.” Tim Turbeville, VP and COO, First State Bank, Gainesville, TX
“Bancsource took over our maintenance a few months ago.  In that time we have seen a decrease in service calls and downtime.  The Bancsource team will go the extra mile to provide excellent service. I look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with them.” Ryan Campbell, Senior VP ATM Management, Prosperity Bank