Community bank RCB Bank rolls out branch transformation strategy

RCB Bank community bank branch transformationIf RCB Bank is any indication, some community banks are taking their own lead and rapidly implementing branch transformation strategies tailored to their particular and sometimes wildly varying customer bases.

Based in Claremore, Oklahoma €”best known as the home of Will Rogers and the setting for the musical Oklahoma! €”RCB has more than 40 branches serving everyone from older populations in rural towns of 500 people to millennials in the college towns of Norman, Oklahoma City, Stillwater and Claremore.

New 1,090 square foot branch with Wi-Fi and pastry shop

Progressive in services, RCB Bank is relentlessly committed to relationships, community and bold innovation €”and not waiting to see what the big banks do.

€œWe’€™ve always been on the leading edge of technology, € said James Weddington, executive vice president of technology and operations. €œWe want to be the first to capture the market. €

Branch transformation Nautilus Hyosung MX8800This summer, RCB Bank will open a new 1,090 square foot branch in Norman that features a Nautilus Hyosung MX8800 with teller assist, a study lounge with personal computers and pastry shop with Wi-Fi. The location will have 24/7 secure access to banking services.

€œWhatever channels our customers want to use we are going to offer, € said Weddington, who is working with multivendor banking equipment supplier and servicer Bancsource on RCB Bank’s branch transformation rollout. €œWe’ve had a mobile app for seven years and mobile deposit for three. €

More than tripling assets since 2005

There’s certainly nothing sleepy about RCB Bank €™s growth from $750 million in assets and 11 locations in 2005 to $2.5 billion in assets and more than 40 locations in Oklahoma and Kansas today.

€œWe’re a unique blend of the traditional small-town community bank and the larger corporate banking atmosphere, € said Weddington. €œWe €™re able to deliver the personalized service our retail customers have come to expect over the past 80 years while also providing financial services to some of the largest and most complex commercial customers. €

€œWe get into beneficial technologies faster than other banks our size and are more flexible than larger banks, € he says. €œAnd we know our customers, which is why our motto is €˜That’s my bank €™. €

Banking technology and convenience wherever customers want it

RCB Bank is using technology to bring the account application process wherever people gather: an in-house app on iPads allows bank employees to complete signups anywhere anytime. €œI take mine with me everywhere, € Weddington says.

While the new branch is being completed, RCB Bank has placed the first MX8800 in a Claremore branch to test its capabilities and customer acceptance. In spite of having to squeeze into a less than optimal space, acceptance has been greater than anticipated, he said. €œWe don’€™t call it an ATM but refer to it as a video banker. €

While RCB Bank knows some of its customers will always want to handle their transactions with a person (one rural location is only open three days a week), the bank intends to introduce video banking and other efficient customer service technology wherever it makes sense across its footprint.

€œWith self-service and assisted self-service options customers will be able to handle transactions easily and efficiently without waiting in line for a teller, € Weddington says. €œThe MX8800 also allows our branch employees to focus more on our customer needs by reducing the €œin-person € transactions. €

Bancsource because it is flexible and takes care of RCB Bank’s needs

€œWe choose Hyosung because their systems offer all the latest features and are working with Bancsource on purchase and implementation because they are flexible and take care of our needs, € he added.

Bancsource is a multivendor banking equipment service and sales company and the largest master value added reseller for Nautilus Hyosung in the North American financial institution market. The company has a team of highly experienced banking industry professionals who work with financial institutions to redefine and optimize the branch environment, said Rick Istnick, Bancsource senior vice president of sales.

About RCB Bank

RCB Bank is committed to serving its communities with conservative banking practices and progressive banking products. Founded in 1936, RCB Bank is currently the six largest Oklahoma-owned bank. For additional information, visit  Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC.