Bancsource introduces banking equipment service portal CustomerSource

Banking equipment services portal CustomerSource

SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI – Nationwide multivendor banking equipment and maintenance services company Bancsource has launched CustomerSource, a new self-service customer portal.

CustomerSource provides Bancsource customers 24/7 access to real-time and historical information on service calls status, contract documents and financial details. This includes invoices, line by line tax items, order history, outstanding balances and managing their relationship with Bancsource holistically.

“CustomerSource puts power into the hands of our customers and is unique in our industry,” said Tahnee Puckett, Bancsource’s chief information officer. “No other company in banking equipment maintenance offers an online portal like this.”

Customers can now place service calls online at any time, check estimated time of arrival, view remote image capture and pull historical service call information.

“We developed CustomeSource from listening to our customers and adapting to their needs,” Puckett said. “It enables us to turnaround customer requests quicker than competitors.”

With CustomerSource, Bancsource technicians can capture remote images and e-signatures and upload them into a customer’s online records. Customers can view the service call description, an image of what was serviced and who approved it.

“CustomerSource features a new graphical user interface which significantly improves the user experience.” said Mychal D. Kempt, Bancsource president and CEO. “It improves customer experience and makes Bancsource much more efficient, streamlining service fulfillment and the entire customer experience.”

The new application replaces Customer Care, which had “less than half the functionality,” Puckett said. CustomerSource was developed in-house over the second half of 2015.

Beta testing began in December and rollout started earlier this quarter. More than 90 percent of customers are now on CustomerSource with the remaining companies expected to transition this month, she said.

About Bancsource

Bancsource ( is a nationwide equipment and maintenance service provider to more than 1,500 banks and retailers for ATM’s, Smart safes, teller cash dispensers, teller cash recyclers, bank scanners and other banking technology. Bancsource is located in Springfield, Missouri.